Saturday, February 21, 2009

Madyson's "GREAT" Saturday!!


Was an okayy day but..we had some problems.

Today we got up and had breakfast. Then we watched tv. Later we got ready to go to the library b/c these men were coming over to my house to install a security system. When the men got there we left. We got to the library found some good books then we went to check them out but here's the worst part..the lady said we couldn't check them out b/c we had LOST a book that came from the Boiling Springs library except we've never been to that library soo ya confusing i know!! :):) but we owe around $45.00, $21.00 for the LOST book!! :(:( soo until we find it we can't check out books!! Well we came home, me and ashlyn picked onions out of the yard and then ate Japanese food!! it was soo good!! Home made food by MISSY BRYANT!!! :):)

well that's my day!! I'll right more later!!